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Jared Kushner-owned company fined as negligent property owner in White Marsh, Essex

Code ViolationsBaltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz revealed on Thursday the existence of more than 200 code violations in apartments owned by the Kushner Companies in Baltimore County, all accrued in the current calendar year.

After threatening to withhold HUD rental payments and levy fines, necessary repairs were made in all but nine properties. Those nine un-repaired properties resulted in withholding of HUD rental payments and issuance of $3,500 in County fines.

“Contrary to the assertions of the Kushner Cos. that they are in compliance with local laws, our inspectors identified and cited more than 200 code violations in properties owned by Jared Kushner,” said Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. “Repairs were made only after the County threatened to withhold rent or issue fines. And in nine instances, we had to carry through with threatened sanctions. We expect all landlords to comply with the code requirements that protect the health and safety of their tenants, even if the landlord’s father-in-law is President of the United States.”

In a recent statement, Christine Taylor, a spokeswoman for the Kushner Cos., stated, “We are in compliance with all state and local laws.”

“It is a stretch of truth to assert they are in compliance with all laws when more than 200 code violations were observed by our inspectors in just the past 10 months,” said Kamenetz.

Kushner Cos. own 701 HUD-supported units in Baltimore County. Year-to-date, inspectors discovered 173 failures to meet standards. Only when HUD funds were threatened to be withheld were necessary repairs made. In six cases, HUD payments were withheld by the County in order to mandate the repairs.

In other Kushner owned units, County inspectors issued 35 correction notices. Necessary repairs were made to all but three properties, where fines were issued totaling $3,500. Five new complaints were recently received and are still under investigation by County code inspectors.

“Baltimore County will continue to be vigilant it its effort to ensure that residents of Mr. Kushner’s properties have healthy and safe places to live,” concluded Kamenetz.

Kushner Cos. owns 13 apartment complexes in Baltimore County: Carriage Hill, Carroll Park, Charlesmont, Commons at White Marsh, Cove Village, Essex Park, Fontana Village, Gwynn Oaks Landing, Harbor Point Estates, Highland Village Townhomes, Morningside Park, Riverview Townhomes, and Whispering Woods.

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