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Couple arrested in connection with thefts from autos in White Marsh

Charles Allen Fry Lauren Michelle RichardsonPolice in Baltimore County have arrested and charged a pair of individuals in connection with multiple thefts from autos, and one theft of a vehicle.

Charles Allen Fry, 39, of no fixed address, and Lauren Michelle Richardson, 30, of Tracys Landing, have been charged with multiple counts of theft, credit card fraud, and various other related charges resulting from a string of thefts from automobiles at Baltimore County parks that began with the theft of a truck.

The investigation began on September 28 when an officer was called to Honeygo Park at 9033 Honeygo Boulevard in White Marsh after a woman found the window to her Jeep busted out and her purse stolen. An hour later the same officer responded to Perry Hall Park at 9650 Honeygo Boulevard for a theft from another auto. This victim had received an alert on her phone that her credit card was declined at Best Buy at 5200 Campbell Boulevard. She returned to her truck and found that someone had gained entry and stolen her purse.

The investigation determined that another of the victim’s credit cards was successfully used at Best Buy and the BP Gas Station at 5250 Campbell Boulevard. While police conducted their investigation, so did the victim, taking to Facebook for answers. She soon received an anonymous tip, identifying the suspects as Fry and Richardson. The police investigation confirmed this information.

On October 11, a Baltimore City officer stopped a Ford F-150 that was reported stolen out of Baltimore County. It was occupied by Fry and Richardson. Fry stole the truck on September 24 from the NCR Trail parking lot on Paper Mill Road by using a key left in the vehicle. Items stolen from the White Marsh thefts were found inside the truck, along with drug paraphernalia and tools used for breaking into vehicles. Other property was also found in the truck that may be from additional thefts.

Detectives have identified similar incidents that have occurred at Honeygo Park, Perry Hall Park, and LA Fitness at 8221 Town Center Drive and continue to investigate to determine if Fry and Richardson are also responsible for those thefts.

The Baltimore County Police Department warns citizens not to leave valuables in their vehicles, locked or unlocked, and never to leave a key to the vehicle or another vehicle inside a car. Places like Gunpowder Park or NCR Trail parking lots where vehicles are left for long periods of time are target rich environments for thieves like Fry and Richardson.

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