Nottingham man charged with DUI

The Howard County Police Department conducted a grant-funded impaired driving enforcement detail on Saturday night, resulting in the arrest of seven drivers.

The following drivers were arrested and charged with driving under the influence:

Mercedes Renee Palmer, 56, of Columbia
Keum Young Lee, 51, of Ellicott City
Anthony Tyrone Webster, 46, of Columbia
Michael Jefferson Meers, 32, of Nottingham
Roberto C. Cordones-Rodriguez, 30, of Severn
Kelsey Marie Anderson, 25, of Fulton
Dion Thuy Bang Ngoc Tran, 20, of Boyds

Police remind drivers to always designate a sober driver or refrain from drinking alcohol if they’ll be driving. Anyone who sees a suspected impaired driver on the road should call 911.


Authorities will continue to use these supplemental patrols throughout the year to help move Maryland Toward Zero Deaths.

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Author: Chris Montcalmo

Chris Montcalmo is a mortgage banker, musician, entrepreneur, and part-time journalist. He has written for Blippitt and Wild Pitch Sports and is the former founder at the Baltimore News Journal. Chris founded NottinghamMD in March, 2016.