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Police: Nottingham shooting was not home invasion robbery

police-lightsPolice in Baltimore County have verified that the incident resulting in a barricade situation on Insley Way on Nottingham on Thursday was not a home invasion robbery attempt.

The Baltimore County Police Department initially tweeted that there had been a home invasion, but the subsequent investigation has discounted the initial details given to police.

Just after 2:00 p.m. on August 24, 2017, police were called to the scene when witnesses heard a woman scream and the sound of a single gunshot on Insley Way.

Officers responded to the location and were told by the victim that three men attempted to rob her and threatened her with a handgun. She told police that she retrieved her own handgun and there was a struggle.

The victim explained that two of the suspects fled inside another house located in the same unit block of Insley Way.

Based on this information, the police set up a perimeter around the house containing the alleged suspects. One person came out of the house on his own and was temporarily detained, without any further incident.

After speaking with witnesses and re-interviewing the victim, police determined that there was an argument between two groups of people. During the argument, the female retrieved a handgun. The argument continued to escalate and resulted in someone firing a single round from a handgun.

The investigation is continuing at this time. Police say additional details will be provided when available.

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