Car slams into Parkville gas pump (VIDEO)

Carroll Fuel Crash ParkvilleUPDATE: 5/5/2017 – Ronald Magsamen, the 64-year-old man involved in the crash, has died – click here for details.

Original story below…


Authorities are investigating after a car slammed into a Parkville gas pump early Monday morning.

The dramatic footage was caught on CCTV.

The accident occurred at the Carroll Independent Fuel station owned by Don Karbowniczek, located at the intersection of Old Harford Road and Putty Hill Avenue.

In the video below, the car can be seen careening toward the fuel pump, hitting it, then flipping over.

Fortunately, due to safety technology, there was no explosion.

It is believed that the male driver suffered a medical emergency, possibly a heart attack, which led to the crash.

He is still recovering from his injuries.  No one else was injured.

You can check out video of the crash below.

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