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Councilman Marks to recommend downzoning of Parkville Armory site

Parkville ArmoryBaltimore County Councilman David Marks will recommend that the Parkville Armory site, currently zoned for townhouses, be downzoned to lighten development, should the property be sold in the future.

The 14-acre property is located at 3727 Putty Hill Avenue. Owned by the State of Maryland, the property has been the subject of speculation that it may be sold as surplus land in the future. In that event, the zoning would allow about 70 townhouses to be constructed, regardless of environmental constraints and other factors.

Councilman Marks will recommend that the zoning be changed to one house per acre.

“There are no immediate plans to sell the property, but I want to make sure that if that occurs, a development is built here that provides the residents of Putty Hill Avenue with more open space than we would find in a townhouse project,” Councilman Marks commented.

The zoning maps will be adopted on August 30th.

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