Thieves caught in the act in Parkville (VIDEO)

Two thieves were caught in the act on Monday, as one brave citizen caught them red-handed, and on camera.

An individual on Facebook posted that he had caught the two perpetrators trying to break into his neighbor’s back yard.

Thinking quickly, he whipped out his cell phone and caught the whole exchange on video.

The Good Samaritan was able to confirm that the two individuals were captured and arrested.

About 30 minutes ago. On the corner of Linganore and Old Harford road this afternoon. I caught 2 scum bags trying to break into my neighbor’s backyard. When I approached the two thieves here’s the video. They were stopped by police within minutes! I went to the scene where the two perpetrators were captured (Taylor & Elmhurst) I was able to see them put into the back of a police car and I was able to file an incident report and submit the video for evidence! Thanks Baltimore County Police!

View more in the videos below.


Thieves in Parkville

Linganore Old Harford

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Author: Chris Montcalmo

Chris Montcalmo is a blogger, entrepreneur, and part-time journalist. He has written for Blippitt, Viral Video Box, and Wild Pitch Sports and is the former founder at the Baltimore News Journal. Chris founded NottinghamMD in March, 2016.